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You have made an initial investment by drafting players onto your team. Once the season begins, you must begin to manage and evaluate your investments. Have your players been helping or hurting the value of your team based on your league’s scoring system? Are there any free agents that have been performing better that could help your team? What factors are affecting a player’s performance? These general questions are just a sampling of those that managers need to be constantly trying to find answers to. For certain players, you will be happy to buy and hold them all season. For others, you may determine it is in your best interest to drop them — making them free agents — and add another better performing player.

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Here at PFS, our goal is to emphasize that fantasy sports are meant to be friendly competitions, done for bragging rights more than anything else. We see an opportunity to increase the value of those bragging rights. What if, along with winning your league, you were able to say that you donated money to cause you care deeply about. That is exactly what PFS does: we bring people together to play fantasy sports and raise money for your favorite philanthropic organizations.

How Fantasy Football Works

Join us in learning more about your favorite sports while raising money for great causes!



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